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Thinking of Getting Stucco Installed on Your Fireplace?

Tips from a Stucco Contractor on the Pros and Cons of a Stucco Fireplace

Love the look of stucco so much you are thinking of asking your stucco contractor to install it on your fireplace? Wait! Before you consider this read the post of Excellent Stucco on the pros and cons of this endeavor!

Building a stucco fireplace or refacing an old one with stucco is one good way to create a more modern and updated room. Even though stucco is inexpensive, it does allow one more creativity and manipulation than other traditional styles available today. However, it is often problematic in some instances, as a stucco fireplace is not as durable as its more traditional brick or stone counterparts.

A stucco fireplace can be created to mimic traditional fireplaces, and, allows the designer to move away from the more traditional styles used today. One of the biggest advantages with stucco is it can be formed into nearly almost any shape, thus, allowing homeowners more freedom to create the fireplace they want. This is because stucco remains pliable for some time after it has been applied, meaning, creating relief designs is a possibility.

Also, stucco can be further customized as it can be painted any color. But, you need to be aware that creating an even coat of color can prove somewhat difficult due to its rough texture. While some do enjoy a more rustic look that uneven paint provides, several coats of paint are often needed when a solid color is desired.

Stucco fireplaces are quite inexpensive, and money can be saved by making this a DIY project. Refacing either a stone or brick fireplace with stucco can be done by homeowners that have the time, patience and know-how on how to do this. Those wishing to avoid hiring a professional contractor, however, need to be aware that some fireplaces are not that easy to reface. For example, a smooth fireplace that is made from marble will be easy to reface, however, a stone or brick one which is highly textured is more difficult to work with, especially when your goal is to create a completely smooth surface.

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